Food Packaging Containers

Food Packaging Containers
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handle noodle box

250/300/350gsm or others food grade ivory board with    PE coated or lamination,wire handle,full color or one color printing

16OZ,26OZ,32OZ or as you require


According to your require

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Ancient people mainly made of bamboo, wood, ceramics, plant stems and leaves, animal skin and offal as raw materials to make food packaging containers. China has been brewing and storing food for pottery for about 4000 years. The Greeks used wooden casks for wine in more than 1000 B. c.. The Romans used the sheep's stomach in 750 BC to make bags of milk and cheese. Modern food packaging containers are generally considered to be due to the emergence of glass cans and tin cans, opened the prelude to modern food packaging. The main types of modern food packaging containers are paper containers, metal containers, glass containers and plastic containers. The traditional food packaging containers containers mainly include wooden containers, cloth containers, ceramic utensils, etc..